You Won't BELIEVE The Donation He Made To HELP New Yorkers Rebuild

After his incredible rally in Long Island, Donald Trump spent a quiet weekend in his hometown with his wife Melania where they concentrated on representing true “New York Values.”

Bernie Sanders caught a show on Broadway while Hillary and Ted Cruz toured the restaurant scene. Trump, however, ended his trip with a visit to the National September 11th Memorial and Museum which resulted in a spontaneous donation of $100,000.

The GOP front-runner joined Melania Trump and the memorial’s president for a complete tour of the Manhattan landmark. During his stop in New York, Trump shared his reflections about the tragic day in 2001 where he joined millions of Americans who lost friends and family.


Mr. Trump remained reverent at the memorial and avoided taking any questions about the race. However, the campaign shared a brief comment about the experience with a number of reporters who caught the event.

“It is a symbol of the strength of our country, and in particular New Yorkers, who have done such an incredible job rebuilding that devastated section of our city”

Mr. Trump is heading for a big win in New York. The donation is one of the many contributions that the candidate has made to the city throughout his long career in the big apple. Share the news of his $100,000 donation to show Americans how he believes in our nations security and history.