You HAVE To Watch Hillary's Cowardly Attack Ad

A 30-second attack ad run by the Clinton campaign has Trump fans up in arms. The ad titled “Stronger Together,” cost the campaign six figures but failed to outshine Trump’s return to his hometown.

The former New York senator is struggling to gain ground in the state where she left dozens of unfinished projects and false promises. Citizens in towns like Rochester will never forget when Clinton guaranteed to boost the economy with 200,000 new jobs but never delivered.

Democrats may think the cheap ad has the tone and slanders needed to compete with Trump but his polling numbers are proving otherwise. The footage capitalizes on Mr. Trump’s recent controversies with abortion and immigrants. A voiceover follows footage of Mr. Trump that has clearly been edited with a liberal touch. It's another example of media tricks that attempt to skew a candidate's true message.

The ad is a desperate attempt from Clinton and her tactics do not surprise Trump fans. Take a look at the video that tries to hit Trump’s policies while conveniently avoiding to mention the candidate by his name.