When You See Who Started #NeverTrump You'll Lose Your Mind

At this crucial time when the country needs to come together, we are seeing an extreme opposition of unity from the Republican Party.

Some politicians, like Chris Christie, have begun to support the message of change driven by Trump. But jealous members of the GOP have harshly dubbed his freedom fighting as “Trumpism.” The man backing this bigotry is Mitt Romney.

Mitt and his entire political family have taken to social media to help push #NeverTrump. The movement is an attempt to force an open convention that would allow delegates to vote trade and re-vote.

Republican nominee for President Governor Mitt Romney

Romney’s son Josh told guests at a Utah caucus – “If we have any hope to stop Trump, any hope at all…you have to vote for Ted Cruz.”

Voting for Cruz is pointless because he will not reach the necessary delegates. Governor Romney clarified his son’s statement saying that the goal is not to nominate Cruz but to steal the delegates away from Trump.

A forced open convention would be a shameful display of democracy. Republicans need to recognize the GOP front-runner as a true politician that will be welcomed in the White House by the majority of America.

Romney’s childish campaign joins the hundreds of political ploys that Donald has sworn to shut down. The only way to make America great again is to stop the games and elect a businessman who can make deals.