This Video Is The Proof Trump Needs To Stop The Rumors

The Trump campaign is starting to get tired of the countless falsehoods directed at their candidate, staff, and supporters. Mr. Trump’s manager is the center of the latest scandal that accuses him of assaulting a reporter. But, Trump has the video evidence to put an end to the case and help out his colleague.

Corey Lewandoski, a 42-year-old and father of four, is regularly subjected to concerning situations that may put his candidate at risk. As the campaign manager, he faces angry protestors and dishonest reporters on a daily basis. On March 8th. Corey protected his candidate from an unfamiliar face and now he’s being sued for doing his job.

Lewandoski was arrested after allegedly assaulting Michelle Fields after a press conference on the night of the Idaho primary. Fields claimed that Corey abruptly escorted her away from Mr. Trump and left bruises on her arm.

The GOP front-runner immediately stated that Field’s was ”hardly even touched.” His campaign was so confident in their defense of Corey that they submitted video evidence of the supposed assault to the police.

Since the release of the video, Field’s has changed her original statement that said she was “jolted back and yanked to the ground.” Mr. Trump is confident that the video will put an end to the debate and show the truth behind the situation.