This Communist Country Laughed At Democracy And Called Donald 'Hitler'

Recently, China put in their two-cents on the GOP front-runner calling Mr. Trump a “clown.”

It’s difficult to take these apparent insults as what the Chinese people actually think, considering their papers are controlled by the government. Welcome to communism.

Unlike American newspapers, the Chinese press does not have the liberty to say whatever they want. Everything they write is spot-checked by the government.

Global Times

In reality, the newspaper’s insults seem more like a mockery of our freedom of speech and Democracy as whole than of Mr. Trump. Clearly they do not understand that Trump is simply exercising his right to voice his opinions without fear of persecution.

Sure, he may be heckled occasionally and have his word skewed by liberal outlets. But, he’s free to walk the streets of America and voice his opinions.

China may feel threatened by his popularity and question his policies. Nevertheless, comparing Trump to mass murderers like Hitler is outrageous. The Trump Train keeps moving at full speed, unfazed by the attacks and continue to campaign to make America great again.