This Colorado Republican Torched His Registration To Stop Primary Corruption

The GOP is forcing Donald Trump and his supporters to exit the Republican Party. Mr. Trump has faced extreme prejudice throughout the election that has stripped him of delegates in states like Louisiana and Colorado.

Recently, the truth behind shady delegate transactions has been brought to light on both sides of the race. Democrats and Republicans are frustrated with the politicking that allows candidates like Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz to lose states but gain delegates through buying votes.

A registered republican in Colorado has had enough with the process and decided that leaving the GOP was his duty. In a YouTube video, Larry Wayne Lindsey protested the forces behind “Lyin Ted” that he witnessed in Colorado Springs.

Mr. Lindsey’s name was unfairly removed from the delegate voting ballot because of the new ruling that requires delegates to vote for the winner of the caucus. In this case, Cruz won the caucus which nullified Trump votes.

Take a look at the video that expresses his frustration with the GOP and his support for Trump and change!