These Politicians Are Playing Dirty -- Now They're CAUGHT

The violence at recent Trump rallies has fueled the Democratic campaign by giving Hillary and Sanders fodder for childish insults. Bernie jumped at the chance to attack Trump during the Ohio Town Hall by dubbing him a “pathological liar.”

Hillary later took the stage to follow up the republican bash by calling trump “bigoted.” Yet again, pointing fingers at the Republican Party has made the Democratic campaign seem desperate.

Both Democratic candidates have asked Trump to denounce the violence at his rallies and act as a leader. However, he’s taking a number of actions to help solve the situation and left-winged networks and supporters have ignored them all together. Trump didn’t cancel his rally in Chicago because he was tired or lazy. He delayed the rally because of his appreciation for the situation and concern for the violence. Furthermore, on CNN he expressed how he’s stepped out and asked officials and officers to tame the crowd without using unnecessary force.

Bernie Sanders

As Trump has pointed out on CNN, many of the disruptions have come from Sander’s supporters. There has been no acceptance or apology from the Sanders campaign that ignore their involvement in the violence. It’s clearly a hypocritical move by Vermont native. Trump has accurately named the supporters, “professional disrupters” because of their professionally made Sanders signs and paraphernalia. There’s no possibly way for Bernie to deny that his campaign is pushing for these awful instances.

Where is Bernie Sander’s apology? Both Trump and Sanders can only do so much to control a crowd. Trump has done his part. It would be in Bernie’s best interest to acknowledge that his supporters are equally passionate and help mend the situation just like Trump has done.