Wait Until You See Who Latinos Actually Love

For months, the media has criticized Donald Trump for his strong views on immigration and questioned his bold statements that alienate the Hispanic voters.

People have tossed out his chances of grabbing the Latino vote and naively assumed that it will head to Cruz. But, these speculators clearly haven’t listened to Trump speak.

Some Hispanic citizens have started to rally behind Trump and their bringing with them a lot of followers. In Miami, FL Shawn Bombaro has created a Trump fan page on Facebook for Latino citizens and it’s already hit 730 followers. Shawn joins a large number of Hispanic people that legally came to the country and understand the struggles of the process.


They support Trump because he appreciates the efforts of the citizens that have come here legally. Shawn and his Facebook group rightfully point out that Trump is pro-immigration. He merely asks that immigrants enter the country legally in order to make lives better

Other supporters like Diego Milla and Enry Rangel have pointed out that the controversial Mexico wall with help save lives. Trump has recognized that the struggles at the boarder are dangerous. Many immigrants are injured, raped, and put into horrific conditions at the boarder. They struggle across the river to become new world slaves like Enry Rangel’s mother who was underpaid and mistreated in America for decades.


The new Trump supporters show how powerful Democracy can be when voters take the time to listen to a candidate. At first glance the wall may be crazy, but after seeing the humanitarian benefits some Hispanic supporters simply cannot turn it down.