These Democrats Are Truly DESPERATE

Twenty-two leaders of top progressive organizations are desperately calling for a “massive, nonviolent mobilization to stand up against Trump.” They’ve sounded out what they call a “five-alarm fire for our democracy.” But will it work? It’s very unlikely.

This new coalition backs the notion that the Democrats have been positioning radicals at Trumps rallies. Some liberal media outlets have ignored the apparent presence of Sanders supporters, but they can’t hide from it now. It’s clear that these groups have nothing left to lose, so they’re coming together to take outrageous measures.

Republicans must question why the groups are solely going after Trump without vocal support from Sanders or Hillary. Perhaps the letter shows that progressives are lacking confidence in both their candidates and are focusing their attention fully on stopping Trump, no matter what.


The letter may be a desperate attempt by the democrats. But, it does show that some members of the party are finally taking the Trump Train seriously. One progressive involved in the letter noted that they “cannot afford to underestimate him until it's too late.” Judging by Trumps recent wins, he’s a going to get the nomination and they'll need much more than a letter to stop him.