The Race Moves On Leaving A Humiliated Rubio In The Dust

Donald Trump promptly called Rubio “Little Marco” on Twitter after he crushed him in his home state. The Florida loss has left a defeated Marco Rubio in the dust to watch the GOP head forward on the Trump Train.

Rubio tried everything to stay in the race including making classy demands like asking all of his aides to wear business suits. The senator had high hopes for a win in Florida and repeatedly stated that he was the only one who could beat Trump. But, changing up the Rubio uniform clearly didn’t impress the citizens of Florida. Trump took every single delegate away from Rubio totaling the count to a complete 99 delegates.


As his campaigned neared its end, Marco was subjected to numerous counts of embarrassment and childish maneuvers. His most notable instance was when he called Trump a “pants wetter with a bad spray tan.”

The young politician did find his senior voice during his defeated speech. He swallowed his pride and congratulated Mr. Trump for his victory saying, “The politics of resentment against other people…will leave us a fractured nation.”

Rubio’s departed has left Trump on top with Cruz and Kasich in the distance. Take a look at his final speech below.