Thanks To Donald THIS Small Town Is BOOMING

Donald Trump's success is no secret. He’s the leader of a plethora of businesses including hotels, golf courses, and product lines.

America is obsessed with his success but often the media forgets to discuss how his success helps the lives of his employees.

One town in Ireland knows the importance of Mr. Trump’s success because his presence has helped transform its citizens. In 2014, Donald bought a golf course in Doonbeg, Ireland and has invested over $20 million into its renovation. Since Trump became involved, he has boosted regional tourism by $15.7 million. The golf course has become so successful that it plans to host the Irish Open, which could bring in $41 million.


Over 200 people are employed by Trump’s golf course, which makes it the second largest employer in the small region. The tourism not only helps the golf course but other local companies as well. “It’s been fantastic for us and the other businesses in the village,” said Bridget Tubridy who owns a local bar and restaurant.

"We've had so much publicity so far but imagine if he got into the White House, that publicity would jump 10-fold," John O'Dea, of the Doonbeg Community Development group, told the Irish Independent.

The media is busy finding ways to diminish Trump’s positive impact on the world. Share this amazing success story to show the world that some countries are excited for Trump to win!