America's Top Teachers Humbled Melania Trump With This Special Birthday Surprise

This week, Melania Trump tried her very best to juggle a busy weekday without letting the spotlight shine on her 47th Birthday. But, some special White House guests wouldn't let her slip by without giving her a tiny surprise.

The beautiful First Lady spent her Birthday racing from a luncheon to a White House tour then onto a celebration to honor the National Teacher of the Year. During the ceremony, a group of the country's best educators surprised a humbled FLOTUS by singing Happy Birthday.

"I would like to congratulate you on this tremendous achievement. There is nothing more important than being a teacher, and certainly for being a great teacher," the President said to a room of educators.

"This is Melania’s birthday and you were very nice to sing happy birthday, even though we’re celebrating you," he continued.

Sydney Chaffee, a humanities teacher from Boston, was presented with the 2017 award for National Teacher of the Year. The award was presented in a packed Oval Office filled with teachers, President Trump, Mike Pence, Melania, and Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.

Trump shared a brief statement with the group noting that it was "really something special" that the award was given to Chaffee who is a teacher at a charter school. Trump and Devos have shared their faith in the charter school system which creates publicly funded private schools.

"Sydney is the first teacher from Massachusetts ever to win the award, and the first from a public charter school," noted Trump.

The event wrapped up with a lovely moment between the President and a sensitive participant who started crying from the emotion of the day. Trump joked with her that the Oval Office "can do that." Laughter billowed from the small crowd as he comforted the teacher by explaining how he's seen some of the world's top executives cry in the Oval.

"I have seen people cry that you’d never believe. It’s a very special place, and it’s a special building. So thank you all very much. Thank you," ended Trump.

Before closing the day with America's teachers, Melania dined with Senate spouses and toured the newly refurbished East Wing. The event was catered but Melania asked her staff not to have any birthday treats. Clearly, the First Lady didn't want her birthday to take away from the attention of her guests. But, thanks to the lovely teachers of America she was given a simple but touching Birthday surprise.

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