See Why They Want To Stop Trump But Won't Back Cruz

The republican presidential race is narrowing and three candidates remain standing. John Kasich will be gone soon leaving only Senator Cruz and Donald Trump to battle their way to Ohio. But, when the time comes, will these two heavy hitters have support in Washington?

The GOP claims they are ready to stop Mr. Trump at any cause. Yet, there has been little support for Cruz who is the only other option. Typically, Washington would run to their second choice but it seems like even the GOP can’t trust ‘lyin Ted.’


Since Marco Rubio dropped out of the race, three major politicians have endorsed Cruz. Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Lindsey Graham all backed Ted but assured reporters that they did so only because he is not Donald Trump.

What does this say about Ted Cruz? It’s apparent that Ted’s reputation among his peers is suspect. Clearly, Trump supporters are not the only ones in the country who believe that he is two-faced and corrupt. There is more to this Texas senator and it won’t surprise Trump fans when his secrets start to shine through his lies.

Fortunately, the hatred for Cruz will inevitably favor Trump’s campaign. Republicans will be forced to pick a side and it’s obvious that they won’t be backing Cruz. Therefore, come November Trump will have the support of the country and the support of its republican leaders.