Trump's 'First 100 Days' Ad Causes Chaos In Washington! Dems Say The 2020 Race Is On

A 30-second-video has left Trump fans cheering for more while D.C. liberals panic in the corner of their offices!

The White House released a Trump approved clip that summarizes the President's successes during his 'First 100 Days.' It may be just a commercial to some, but this short ad has Democrats spreading rumors about an early 2020 campaign for the Donald.

That's right, he's barely through his first year in office and Washington is already talking about Trump's next term. The 2020 election is 1,282 days away and yet Donald's competition seems to be a bit worried about their chances.

The video begins with snapshots of Trump's historic inauguration ceremony with a narrator explaining, "Donald Trump sworn into President 100 days ago. America has rarely seen such success." It continues through Trump's appointment of Neil Gorsuch and onto his plans for job creation, tax cuts, and energy independence.

Trump opposers quickly criticized the ad saying that his successes were results from the signing of executive orders. Yes, Donald Trump has signed 28 bills since he was elected. But, the administration isn't hiding behind that fact. Instead, they're promoting it! The president wants to make changes as soon as possible and sometimes picking up his pen is the only way to do it. Afterall, Donald isn't the only President to fast track an agenda. It's a practice that's been carried out by every president, especially Obama. Yet, the media never seemed to attack him.

Trump's success stories, however, aren't what's sparking the most controversy in Washington this week. The real story lies behind a single line from the narrator, "America Is Winning." The press is having a field day with this positive language that sounds much like a campaign slogan. It's hard to argue that the phrase doesn't make for a fantastic follow up to his 2016 message, "Make America Great Again."

The new slogan is certainly a keeper. Though, the best part of the entire ad is a sentence that sounds like it came straight from the President himself.

"You wouldn't know it from watching the news," is said seconds after listing Trump's successes. Plus, the editors even through in giant texts reading "FAKE NEWS." The President's war with the mainstream media doesn't seem to be slowing down. It's likely he'll be releasing more promotional ads like this so he can send the truth straight to viewers.

WATCH the ad below and leave a comment to let us know what you think!