New Study Proves He's The ONLY One To Cut Our Taxes

Every candidate in the 2016 Presidential race has an elaborate tax plan that’s going to put loads of money back into our pockets. Naturally, no policy is perfect but some certainly outshine others. A non-patrician panel called The Tax Foundation recently took a look at every candidate’s plan and found that Donald Trump’s outline may make the most sense.


When compared to Rubio and Cruz, it’s a clear that Trump is more concerned with the American people. Trump plans to spread the top individual income rate of 39.6 percent over three different brackets resulting in a $10 trillion cut. On the other hand, Cruz will abolish the IRS and reduce revenue by $8.7 trillion and Rubio would top out at $6.8.

Some criticize Trump's policy for being a tax cut plan rather than a tax improvement plan. But, the American people want the government out of their pockets and Trump would put back $10 trillion. He certainly has the largest tax cut plan out of the GOP and opposes the tax heavy Democrat, Bernie Sanders, who wants to increase all taxes by 2.2 percent.