Lying Hillary Loses Supporters To Donald

The Wall Street Journal has taken a look at the trail of lies that follow Hillary and it turns out that she can’t hide her record from the voters.

NBC News teamed with The Wall Street Journal to discover that 33% of Bernie’s radical voters will NOT vote for the former Secretary of State.

This means trouble for Clinton who will desperately need Sander’s votes to compete with Mr. Trump. It’s clear that even members of her own party cannot trust Hillary’s questionable past. Endless scandals surrounding her husband, Benghazi, and the email server have officially put her career at risk.


What will happen to the Independents and undecided voters who can't see past Hillary's web of lies?

If there's anything we can learn from voters so far it's that the majority of Americans - regardless of party - are tired of electing liars to public office. With Bernie on his way out, undecided voters are looking to the only honest person on stage, Mr. Trump.

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