Ivanka Reaches Ultimate Stardom! Trump Sales Officially SKYROCKET Despite Boycott

Since liberal stores like Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump's fashion line, the corporation has repeatedly stated that they were confident in the lines survival. Well, now that Trump fans have found alternative retailers like Amazon, Ivanka's line is officially booming!

Ivanka's perfume line was the first to break the boycott by soaring to number one on Amazon. Her $39.37 bottle of ‘Eau de Parfum Spray For Women’ grabbed the top spot beating fragrances backed by celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. It’s even surpassed perfumes from major brands including Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, and Versace!

Refinery29 spoke with Abigail Klem, a former lawyer who has worked at Ivanka Trump HQ since 2013, who said '“For several different retailers Ivanka Trump was a top performer online, and in some of the categories it was the [brand’s] best performance ever.”

Klem's confidence isn't coming from devotion to the brand or fake news. Fox News backed the quote with data by Lyst, which monitors purchasing from thousands of retailers, and revealed that from January to February, Ivanka Trump sales increased an INCREDIBLE 346 percent.

Lyst released a statement saying that the increase in sales is unpredictable. Products often see bumps when they're linked to trending topics. For example, Trump's products increased during the fall campaign and pant suits also jumped because of Hillary Clinton's signature look.

Klem also told Refinery29 that the increase is likely because of longtime Trump fans and new supporters thinking, "Oh, I didn’t know Ivanka had a shoe line. Oh, I didn’t know she had a handbag line."

Want to buy Ivanka's products?! Currently, ordering products online is the best way to support Ivanka. Amazon seems to be the best bet for customers. However, some stores like Bloomingdales and Macy’s are still selling her handbags and shoes.

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