He's Scared! Cruz Dodged Every Presidential Candidate

MSNBC will air candidate specials to look at all the presidential hopefuls but one candidate will be missing from the stage.

The network invited all five faces for the event but Ted Cruz has opted out. Where is Cruz? The Texas senator has not commented on his absence but it certainly has made some people curious.

His countless attacks on Mr. Trump have been centered on calling him a “coward.” Yet, as Ted drops out of debates he further proves that he is, in fact, the coward of the GOP.


His absence is a bold statement following a story surrounding his multiple sex scandals. Perhaps Ted is feeling the pressure of his fame and is scared to face questions that will reveal his true nature and secret past.

Donald Trump will join John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders on MSNBC. Each candidate is scheduled to meet with network moderators like Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd. The GOP front-runner has landed a primetime spot for a town hall hosted by Chris Matthews.

The specials kick-off on MSNBC on Wednesday night starting at 7 p.m.

What is Ted hiding? Let us know how you feel about is shady exist from this special event. Do you think this is the beginning of the end for Cruz?