Donald WON Over This Group Of Undecideds And Democrats With His Patriotic Honesty

Mr. Trump entered the Presidential race with a goal to win over average voters with his inherent love for America and passion for honesty politics.

After his first debate with Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump can breathe a sigh of relief because his performance grabbed the attention of non-republicans around the country, especially in Youngstown, Pa.

The New York Post sat with a few locals from the Keystone State at a 270-year old pub, the Tin Lizzy. Ken Reed, a democrat, watched the debate with independent voter Kady Letosky who had never voted but decided this was the election cast a ballot.


(Ken Reed - second from right - in Youngstown, Pa.)

By the end of the night both of them were sold on Mr. Trump. Donald “had the upper hand this evening,” said Letosky. He “talked about specifics on jobs and the economy,” said Reed.

Reed couldn’t get passed Clinton’s smug attitude throughout the debate saying “Trump had the edge.” Donald is targeting voters like Reed who own small businesses and are looking for substantial help from the government. It turns out that there’s no longer room for Clinton’s big money ties in this country.

“I am a small businessman, a farmer, come from a long line of farmers and coal miners. The policies she talked about tonight ultimately either hurt me or ignore me,” he said.

Reed and Kady weren’t the only Trump resisters who changed their tune after the debate. Nathan Nemick, a devoted and life long Democrat, said Clinton’s policies are too moderate and would “not bring jobs back.”

Pennsylvania is one of the many states that is still in play for Donald. Before the debate, Clinton and Trump were tied in the Keystone State. Judging by the views in Youngstown, Mr. Trump may have gained a substantial amount of votes from liberals who simply cannot side with Clinton’s bigoted campaign.