Donald Trump Jr. Reveals The BIG SECRET Behind Tiffany Trump's Future

Tiffany Trump may be one of the more shy children in the Trump family. Unlike her siblings Ivanka and Donald Jr., she spent most of her life living in California and out of the Trump spotlight.

Now, with her father in the White House, Tiffany is starting to explore her future options in the family business. But, will she be heading into politics or real estate? According to her older brother's instagram Tiffany may be leaning towards the Trump Hotel business.

She recently graduated from Donald's alma mater the University of Pennsylvania and has been applying to law schools around the nation. However, in the meantime, the 23-year-old has been spotted taking notes from her siblings. She was seen with her brothers Donald Jr., Eric, and sisters-in-law Vanessa and Lara at the grand opening of Trump International Hotel Vancouver Tuesday.

"The Trump Organization is proud to be a family business with an incredibly strong bond. While there are no immediate plans for Tiffany to join the company as she is currently applying to law school, the family looks forward to her potentially joining the business in the future if she chooses," the spokesperson said.

Maybe Tiffany will become the first family lawyer for the Trump Co.? Or, she could eventually join the Federal Court like her great aunt Maryanne Barry Trump. The family has always spoken highly about their ability to work together in a professional setting. Donald Jr. and Eric have become quite the tag team in the real estate world while Ivanka has followed their father to Washington. Donald Jr. has admitted that mixing family with business can either be a "disaster" or a blessing. Recently, he spoke about his partnership with Eric saying "I couldn't work with a better guy, and it's been awesome."

Both Eric and Don Jr. were joined by their wives Vanessa and Laura who have become strong advocates for the Trump name by promoting the family business and Trump's campaign. Tiffany is seated next to her sister-in-laws who certainly can give the young First Daughter a pointer or two about being in the spotlight. Both share Tiffany's passion for fashion and have even been professional models early on in their career.

Tiffany hasn't commented on her plans to join the family business. However, given her distance in the past it's likely that her latest appearance suggests that an announcement could be made very soon regarding a position or her acceptance to law school.

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