Donald's STUNNED! Congress Attempts To Throw Trump Staffers In JAIL Over A Single Tweet

Washington is irrationally changing their views of Donald Trump's tweets following the misspelling of the word "hereby". Instead of trying to rid the world of his twitter feed they're now demanding that his tweets remain seen and on record.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Elijah Cummings of Maryland, sent a letter to White House counsel member Don McGahn expressing their concerns about the record keeping habits of Trump's administration, in particular the Twitter account and emails. In the letter, the two members of the White House Oversight Committee warned Don that any time a Trump staff member deletes a tweet they are violating federal law. They argued that deleting a tweet “could pose a violation to the Presidential Records Act.” “Many of the messages sent from these accounts are likely to be presidential records and therefore must be preserved.” The issue also plagued Obama's staff who eventually set up an "auto-archiving for official platforms, so errors could be corrected while preserving the original.” Clearly, some congressmen have far too much time on their hands and have resorted to the lowest form of trolling. Cummings and Chaffetz also brought up their concerns about staffers using personal email accounts for government business. It's safe to say that everyone is quite aware of that ruling after the embarrassing Clinton scandal that made Washington look like a bunch of conniving teenagers passing letters in homeroom. Trump has said from the beginning that his an honest man who hires honest workers dedicated to full exposure. He's night hiding anything cryptic in his tweets or his emails. Does America actually care if a tweet is deleting because an intern spelled something wrong?! Both democrats and republican voters have better things to worry about then a presidential spellcheck system. Murderers and drug dealers are walking our streets and congress wants to send people to jail over a tweet. When will they stop their petty Trump games and start to work with the president?! SHARE if you think the letter was a waste of time a resources!