These 'Disadvantaged' 4th Graders Did Not Expect To See IVANKA And President Trump In Their Classroom

The President visited St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando with guests Marco Rubio, Betsy Devos, and his daughter Ivanka.

Donald gathered the group of Education pioneers to help promote his new policy that will help fund schooling for low-income students and open charter schools.

"Education is the civil rights issue of our time," said Trump during his visit with the excited 4th graders who shared their dreams for the future. One young girl told the President that she hopes to run her own business one day. As the most successful businessman in the nation, Trump chuckled and told the little one that she's "gonna make a lot of money. But don't run for politics."

Newly appointed Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos is a longtime advocate of charter schools described St. Andrews as "one of the many parochial schools dedicated to educating disadvantaged children."

Both Trump and Devos are under attack by some public school administrators for choosing to visit a private school. Their policy that will improve school choice is being looked at as an abandonment of the public school system.

White House spokesperson spoke about the controversy saying that Trump's goal is to simply better education and he "is determined to provide choice for every parent and opportunities for every child, regardless of their zip code."

Trump has said that his holds the highest respect for all teachers and administrators regardless of their commitment to private or public school.

"The love you have for what you do is really fantastic," said Donald.

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