DEMOCRACY Is RIGGED?! You'll NEVER Believe What Democrats Are Doing To TEAR Our Country Apart!

It seems like the Democratic Party is dealing with similar delegate issues that have caused Mr. Trump to nearly denounce the GOP.

Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, is claiming that the primary system is “rigged” and both Democrats and Republicans are backing his accusation.

“Why does the Democratic Party even have voting booths?” said Joe who battled with political analyst Mark Halperin over the baffling primary results in Wyoming.

Bernie Sander’s won the Wyoming vote by 12 percent but received 4 fewer delegates than Clinton. This development is almost identical to the issues that Mr. Trump has faced in Louisiana and Colorado, where Cruz bought delegates with promises of special trips and political perks.

The Democratic Party takes pride in having a strong turnout record at the polls, but it seems that the votes simply don’t matter. In response to the accusations, Halperin simply stated, “that’s the rules.” Fortunately, Joe didn’t back down and fired back saying that the rules aren’t good enough for Americans.

The secret is out and Mr. Trump is not the only political face to claim that the primaries are cheating citizens out of their vote. There are still a number of primaries in the race and both sides are starting to rally against Washington crooks. Hopefully, the issue will be able to unite the country and reveal the issues that must be changed during the election year.

Do you think that this battle can spark the conversations needed for change? Or, do you believe that Washington will continue to ignore the votes and fix elections? Watch the MSNB battle for more details and spread the word about unfair primary tactics!