Cruz May Have To Take On Donald In Court

The biased tactics of Republican politics are starting to dramatically affect the 2016 campaign and Mr. Trump is ready to put an end to them.

Trump has threatened to take the Republican Party and Ted Cruz to court after he was robbed of delegates in Louisiana. Although Trump beat out Ted by more than 10,000 votes, he may still manage to receive fewer delegates than Cruz.

Donald took to Twitter saying -

Initially, both Cruz and Trump were supposed to get 18 delegates each. But, the Wall Street Journal broke a story stating that Ted’s Washington muscle may steal 10 additional delegates. Cruz plans to grab five delegates from former candidate Marco Rubio and five more from undeclared delegates.

The strategy comes right after Mitt Romney stated that the best way to beat Trump is to steal his delegates for Cruz. Ted may not be able to get the nomination, but he does have the ability to take enough delegates away from Trump to force an open convention.

This tactic is downright comical. As the Trump Train moves forward more and more faces in Washington are starting to support Donald. He may not be a part of the GOP click, but Donald has a growing fan base that is uniting different people from all political backgrounds. His power is breaking barriers and shrinking the Republican circle.