Cruz Continues To Desperately Frame Donald

Since the race began, candidates in the GOP have pointed fingers, lied, and manipulated the media with backdoor Washington politics. Ted Cruz is the leader of the crooked methods used in the campaign and his latest accusations are suspect.

During a CNN Town Hall, Cruz told Anderson Cooper he is positive Mr. Trump was behind the National Inquirer article that accused him of having multiple affairs. Cruz has denied the accusations stating that they are “garbage” and Trump is to blame.

Roger Stone, a close friend of Mr. Trump, was quoted in the article stating he knows for a fact that Cruz has cheated. Ted has used Trump and Stone’s relationship as leverage to point fingers at the GOP Front-Runner.

Trump’s spokesperson Hope Hicks released a statement saying the campaign is “empathetically denying any truth to this claim.”

Regardless of his opinion, Ted had no substantial proof to convince Anderson Cooper and the American people that Trump backed the story. Mr. Trump is not one to deny his involvement in an ad or insult. His reputation shows that he speaks his mind on Twitter and does not hide behind the media.

Cruz is looking for deniability and is chasing a ghost in order to turn the story away from him and towards Trump. He will have to find better evidence to tie Trump to the story. Good luck Ted!

Watch the video of "Lying Ted" as he desperately tries to frame Mr. Trump on live TV.