6 Things You Need To Know About Donald Trump’s SNL Appearance

For someone who is the source of so much comedy, it’s a little strange that Donald Trump’s Saturday Night Live hosting brought such little laughter. It seems, instead, that the only way The Donald can truly make us smile is when he’s apparently at his most serious. If that’s the case, tonight’s debate should serve up at least a mild amount of laughter.

While, Saturday night wasn’t Trump’s first time hosting the sketch comedy show (he hosted back in 2004) the atmosphere was a totally new world—one where the hot-tempered real estate mogul is running for president, not just running The Apprentice. But that’s not the most surprising piece of this story—check out this list of 5 shocking facts we woke up to Sunday morning!

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Trump Brought Sky-High Ratings…

According to NBC, Saturday night was the highest ratings SNL’s seen since Miley Cyrus hosted the season 41 premiere back in 2012. What’s more, the previous high was an episode a co-hosting gig between Miley and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Numbers aren’t final, yet, but NBC estimates nearly 10 million Americans tuned into see Trump.

… And Dozens Of Protesters

When NBC signed off on Trump, the network knew controversy would follow close behind. What they might not have expected was the swarm of Hispanic protestors that would meet them at the door on Saturday night. The Hispanic Federation, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) marched from Trump Tower to Rockefeller Plaza picketing Trump for his comments on race and immigration.

Hecklers Could Have Made Serious Cash

Anti-Trump group, DeportRacism.com, offered to pay $5,000 to anyone willing to yell, or jump on-camera to say “Trump is racist.” No one obliged, thankfully.

An FCC Rule Almost Knocked Trump Off-Air

Trump’s appearance woke the sleeping dragon that is the Federal Communication Commission. According to the FCC’s equal time rule, broadcast TV and radio stations must provide an equivalent amount of time for all politicians competing for president. Since Trump donned the NBC screen for 12 minutes and 5 seconds Saturday night, the station is now obligated to offer Trump’s challengers the same amount of airtime—free of charge.

No One Liked It

Our eyes can never un-watch this torturous skit. Could a bombing SNL performance kill Trump’s chances the same way a 1-star Yelp causes local restaurants to close? We hope so. Till then, there’s a slew of poor reviews that incite more laughter than actually watching clips of the show itself.

Even Commercials Were Criticized

No one escaped unscathed by Trump’s performance. Parody Twitter @GoodnightSNL led the charge on social media to #boycottSNLsponsors. Absolut Vodka and Old Navy seemed to face the most scrutiny on social media, followed closely by NBC.