10 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Shouldn't Be TIME Magazine's Person Of The Year

For too long, super liberals have backed Bernie Sanders' elaborate programs that freakishly resemble the political failures of communist countries. His influence and cooky image has somehow gotten so large that he's become the readers choice for TIME Magazine's Person of the Year.

Previous covers include Bill Clinton and Joseph Stalin, so they're already not known for picking the best. Take a look at these reasons why TIME should re-think it's candidate and instead start to honor people who actually contribute to the growth of America and the world.

He's For Raising Wages And Hurting Jobs

People who own businesses have to get their money from somewhere. Their choices are to either cut costs, raise prices or cut profit. Now, if you're a small business owner, you might take the hit yourself to save your business. But, if you're a large corporation, you would never let that happen. McDonald's workers making $15 an hour will either cause cashiers to be fired or cause burgers to be made from sawdust. If minimum wage worked, we could just raise it to $100 an hour and make everyone super comfortable, but it doesn't work.

He Believes Free Education Is Good Education

Guaranteeing everyone a college education will make college a weak extension of your high school years. It will take some time, but do we really want college grads that can't read? Not to mention, we wouldn't be able to fund this wacky plan, even if we weren't already trillions of dollars in debt.

He Undermines Quality Healthcare

A nationalized healthcare system will turn our hospitals into bureaucratic nightmares that waste loads of money. Just ask anyone who tried to get treatment at the VA. Why do you think countries with free healthcare come to America for all their surgeries? Government funded hospitals don't have substantial funds to create quality healthcare.

He Doesn't Want To Stop The Wars

Sanders has said on multiple occasions that he won't dismantle the drone program and he's not anxious to bring the troops home, despite the fact that doing so would help fund his many government programs. Although Sanders isn't a voracious warhawk like Hillary, he hasn't learned the important lesson that intervention doesn't work even if it's a "humanitarian war".

He Wants To Destroy Wall Street

The dream of any Socialist is to create a centrally planned economy that guarantees employment. He'll hit a brick wall trying to pass this kind of legislation and the only people he'll end up hurting are the businesses that don't have lobbyists in D.C.

He Loves Politicizing The Environment

By pushing tougher environmental regulations, Sanders will have us all separating our trash and buying fuel efficient cars. In the end, the only people who will benefit from his policies will be politically connected businesses whose expensive products we'll be forced to buy. However, Mother Earth might benefit when millions go broke and can't drive anywhere.

He Encourages The PC Movement

As the backlash of politically correct college students continues to grow, Sanders is likely to side with the PC bros. We'll eventually reach a point when everything is considered offensive, which will hinder people from speaking the truth.

He's For Centralized Power

Sanders entire concept of government is all about fixing the problem through more government involvement. That might work if you have nothing but angels at the helm, but since we can't seem to elect honest officials, the entire concept is doomed to fail. You can never have enough checks, balances, and programs to watch other programs.

He Doesn't See The Fed As A Threat

Although Sanders initially supported the Audit the Fed Bill, he eventually helped destroy it. Once Sanders is in power, it's unlikely he will dismantle the Federal Reserve. He'll be too anxious to use its power to create the economic tricks that he believes can save the country. At best, he might threaten the Fed until he obtains some sort of QE for the poor and unemployed, which might feed the masses for a while, but will ultimately crush the economy.

He's Going To Support Hillary Clinton

If Sanders was a true outsider, a true threat to the current establishment, he'd be threatening an independent run against Hillary. Sanders has been a fixture in D.C. for years, so he's likely to play the game and fall in line like most Democrats. "At least she's not a Republican," he'll say. If Sanders actually believed in half of his policies, he'd see Hillary as an even bigger problem than the GOP candidates. At least the GOP candidates won't pretend to care about gun control or a woman's right to choose.